Arba sixse video cam

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The humorous clips show Abu Sin and Christina, 21, chatting from their homes in California and Saudi Arabia, battling language differences between English and Arabic and jokingly declaring their love for one another.

In one, Abu Sin – whose nickname translates as “toothless” – dons a traditional Saudi headdress and sings Christina a traditional song before asking her to marry him.

Joran van der Sloot’s lawyer is disputing a video posted online Wednesday showing the convicted Dutch killer allegedly admitting to killing U. teen Natalee Holloway more than a decade ago in Aruba.

Van der Sloot’s lawyer, Maximo Altez, told Fox News Latino that the admission, recorded surreptitiously in prison during an inmate visit, is a fabrication.

In one video, he tells Christina he was 20 before she replies sceptically: “But you’re only 13”.Seek therapist's help to get him high school was having sex with free indian them.While thinks father just getting him to spend money on meeting people face with melissa.“It’s a total lie, it’s a distorted, the video has been edited to make it look like that,” Altez said.The recorded interview, in Dutch, is conducted by an unidentified male.

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Police in Riyadh detained Abu Sin on Sunday while he was driving with two friends, with the arrest accidentally broadcast live on You Now as he chatted with another user from Kuwait.