Avira not updating automatically

Posted by / 12-May-2016 07:00

Avira not updating automatically

This is why you will no longer find any information on Avira’s website stating that the paid version gets to download updates from a fast server.Avira has been my antivirus of choice for a long time now.The reliability of Anti Vir is demonstrated in numerous comparison test and references featured in independent trade journals.

The popularity of the Avira free antivirus started going downhill ever since they partnered with whose toolbar is often being criticized as spyware/adware.

These past few days, I was constantly bugged by its automatic updates (auto-update) and the subsequent dialog box appearance to reboot my computer after the update has successfully been downloaded.

Admittedly, I found it obnoxious and intrusive, thus I had to find a way to deactivate the update.

In the current Avira, the Free version connects to personal.for updates while the Pro version connects to a different hostname which is premium.

Although they are different subdomains, both actually connect to the same CDN server that belongs to Akamai.

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It's a Windows 10 machine and has the latest updates installed (Ver: 1607).