Backdating training contract mandating videotaping of interrogations

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An entrance certificate is issued by the Society to certify that an individual is a fit and proper person to enter into a traineeship.

A copy of the entrance certificate application form and current fit and proper guidance notes are available.

Apart from raising questions about Van Haren's long-term employment commitment at NTA, this comment also set the stage for a strained environment in the workplace between Van Haren and his superiors.

Shortly after this incident, Van Haren was transferred by NTA back to Vancouver to fly another aircraft type.

Seniority is calculated on the number of completed years of service as a consultant (as defined in the contract), plus the position on the salary scale to which they were appointed. Does previous service as a locum count towards seniority? UCL does take into consideration previous locum experience in calculating seniority and salary threshold. Do both paid and unpaid leave for maternity or sickness count towards seniority? You may prefer this as an alternative to receiving the full amount of back pay available.The disclosure comes amid ongoing FDA scrutiny of overseas manufacturing plants, particularly in India, where a string of drug makers has failed inspections and had products banned from the US.The Indian pharmaceutical industry is furious that the agency appears to be singling out its ranks for infractions; however the Sandoz letter indicates the FDA is not confining its reviews to India’s domestic drug makers.Ryan Van Haren is a commercial pilot who accepted a Vancouver-based position as a Beech 1900 co-pilot for Northern Thunderbird Air (NTA), commencing in Spring 2007.In August 2007 he successfully applied for a position at NTA flying a Beechcraft 350 air ambulance, based in Prince George, British Columbia.

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You should have your entrance certificate in hand prior to the commencement of your traineeship, however if you do not have it and have applied for it in good time, you can commence work with your traineeship provider but must not design yourself as a trainee solicitor until the certificate has been issued.