Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

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Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

TRIZ is very interesting because it is based on the principle that problems and solutions are repeated across industries and sciences and therefore that patterns of technical evolution are also repeated across industries and sciences.

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The structure of the work is similar to the accuracy of the original matrix."Image blur is a common problem in photography. Another approach has been to automate the camera operation, and let the camera choose settings that will minimize blur. Recent speculation that semantic processor software can find contradictions should be treated with a high degree of skepticism.

Some common causes of blur in a photograph are subject motion, camera motion (shake), and focusing errors. 4,448,510) uses an accelerometer to detect camera shake, and provides an indication to the user of the camera if the acceleration exceeds a threshold level. Experience has shown semantic processors can give only a superficial level of understanding of the real story.

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This new user friendly TRIZ-based software will help you interactively master the contradiction matrix – a tool that helps you select the inventive principles that are the most suitable to resolving your problem.

However, my colleagues and I have encountered a difficulty in simultaneous CADMA analyses of several targets using multiple DNA samples in a single thermocycler.).

Various devices and techniques have been proposed to help address the problem of image blur due to camera shake. The usual search route for finding the relevant information starts with the "summary of invention" section followed by the "claims" section. Patent # 7,397,500, an early clue to the inventor's key step can be found in the first sentence of the "summary" section in the disclosure: Upon closer examination, it is revealed the solution obtains the needed blur indication by using digital image data; the digital camera uses information that already exists.

6,101,332) also senses camera shake, and combines the shake information with other camera parameters to estimate how much image blur might result. The techniques give the camera user little guidance about how to improve their photographs, and in fact, additional automation that reduces the photographer's control of the camera may even add to the mystery of why a particular photograph is blurred. This section is always the place to start the search for contradictions. On one level, they are told that the previous solutions have all resorted to "addition of expensive electro-mechanical components." At this point, they could simply choose to try and map these words onto the matrix by finding the words in the list of parameters that best fit image blur versus "addition of expensive electro-mechanical components." Should they do that, they will most likely conclude that stability and system complexity are the two best matches.

Using our general thermocycling parameters, (95 °C 15′, (95 °C 10′′, 66 °C 20′′ touchdown −1 °C per cycle, 72 °C 20′′) × 10, (95 °C 10′′, 58 °C 20′′, 72 °C 20′′) × 25, melt to 95 °C at 10 acquisitions per °C) and primers designed for this purpose (described in Additional file We were unable to achieve satisfactory results by standardizing the quantity of template DNA, by adjusting the concentration of primers/magnesium/Taq polymerase and even PCR annealing temperature and buffers.

The PCRs appear to proceed at different rates and to different degrees of completion.

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Blur is a particular problem for casual or amateur photographers who may not know how to diagnose the causes of blur or how to change their photographic technique to improve their results. There is still a requirement, therefore, for a human to interpret the intent of the inventor's patent.

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